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The Michael Klinger Papers are an enormously valuable resource for scholars, researchers and the merely curious. They contain thousands of documents, including personal correspondence, financial and legal information for his various productions, scripts for realised and unrealised projects, publicity material and artwork. This section contains a selection of informative or amusing oddities from this vast collection. More documents will be added as they become available.

All documents are available as downloadable pdf files
Censorship troubles for the Something to Hide trailer
Nudity required in Hong Kong
Klinger fails to mention his low comedies in his self-promoting Klinger News
Promotion problems in America for 'Get Carter' and 'Pulp'
Praise for the “Klinger touches” in Gold
Klinger dismisses the script of the thankfully unmade 'Confessions from a Haunted House'
Memo in regard to script and storyline problems with 'Confessions from a Holiday Camp'
Offering various roles to Lee Marvin
“The best producer in England” writes to America’s Greatest Showman
James Mason offers script advice on the unrealised project 'The Chilian Club'
Overview of 'The Chilian Club/Mad Dogs and Englishmen'
Treatment of 'The Chilian Club/Mad Dogs and Englishmen'
Spike Milligan objects to animal cruelty in 'Pulp'
Lord Louis Mountbatten writes regarding the unrealised project 'Green Beach'
A truly marvellous name-drop from Klinger
Seeking support for his religious picture, 'Rachel’s Man'
Troubles with a disgruntled ex-employee on the shoot of 'Rachel’s Man'
'Rachel’s Man', Klinger’s labour of love, needed careful handing by the promoters
Roger Moore invites you to the pictures
Klinger hopes to work with Peter Sellers
Klinger jokes with Roger Moore about the unrealised project, 'The Pushovers'
Advertising Artworks for the unrealised project, 'The Pushovers'
A nod to the well-to-do with an unfulfilled plan to make 'The Tempest'
John Trevelyan, former Secretary of the British Board of Film Censors, offers advice regarding the “right-wing” unrealised project, 'The Chilian Club'
Michael Klinger Obituary in the 'Jewish Chronicle' by Henry Morris, September 29, 1989
Michael Klinger Obituary in 'Variety', September 20-26 1989
Michael Klinger Obituary in 'Today', September 21 1989
Michael Klinger Obituary in 'The Guardian', by Derek Malcolm, September 20, 1989
Michael Klinger Obituary in 'Today', 18 September 1989
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